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Our Story
Have you ever simultaneously felt far away yet right at home?

It’s a kind of perfect travel harmony—something we endeavor to put our clients in every day.

We believe escaping the routine of everyday life and exposing yourself to new people, cultures and tastes is what makes travel so enriching. But we also know that having an oasis of comfort, security and privacy allows you to immerse yourself in adventure effortlessly—and more impactfully. Our curated collection of villas in some of the world’s most exclusive and enticing locations is the solution.

We know the destinations intimately—the restaurants, the beaches, the hidden gems. We know the villas inside and out—the views from the pool, the quality of the pillows, the layout of the kids’ rooms. And, most importantly, we know our clients—their plans, preferences and pet peeves.

We make you feel at home, far from home. That’s how Nocturne Luxury Villas puts you in perfect harmony with your destination in a way no conventional property ever could.

About Nocturne Luxury Villas

Inspired by their own wanderlust and desire to provide discerning travelers with something more than the ordinary, entrepreneurs Scott Simmons and Marshall Calder established Nocturne Luxury Villas. Their philosophy is to curate and deliver unparalleled luxury vacations tailored to each guest’s unique desires and preferences.

This ethos has powered every decision from Nocturne’s inception, ensuring that every aspect of service—from property selection to guest experience—would be hallmarked by exclusivity, sophistication and commitment to crafting unforgettable moments.

CEO Scott Wiseman and COO/CFO Carl Colletti ensure Nocturne continues to set the gold standard for premium luxury vacation rentals, promising a sojourn that transcends the ordinary and transforms every getaway into a collection of bespoke memories.

Experience the Extraordinary
The Nocturne Promise
1200+ Properties

Our carefully vetted and curated villa rentals—the finest in our destinations—deliver outstanding amenities, breathtaking views and inviting floor plans.

Support and Service

From the pre-trip arrival planning to in-destination concierge services and until your bags are reluctantly packed for your trip home, we’re with you, 24/7.

Insider Knowledge

At home, our destination-savvy reservations agents offer their expert advice, and at your vacation spot our concierge team shares their local expertise.

Executive Team
The Nocturne management team brings decades of experience and cross-functional expertise in high-end travel drawn from leadership positions in the luxury hotel, tour operating, publishing and vacation rental industries.

Scott Simmons


Scott is Nocturne’s master strategist. Perspicacious with deep knowledge of the luxury travel industry gained from his executive leadership experience with acclaimed brands Abercrombie & Kent and Andrew Harper Travel, publisher of the highly regarded Hideaway Report. Prior to co-founding Nocturne, he was a principal with BeautifulPlaces, the leading vacation rental company in California Wine Country. His start-up experience also includes co-founding Harborview Nantucket and a vacation rental platform for colleges and universities with a philanthropic underpinning.

Prior to entering the travel sector, Scott was a senior M&A advisor for the venerable British investment bank Cazenove & Co.


Scott Wiseman


Scott is Nocturne’s inspirational leader. He motivates and encourages others to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He has a contagious enthusiasm that inspires others to take action and make a positive impact. Scott has leveraged his uniquely balanced background in sales, marketing, finance, analytics and operations, in multiple hospitality and travel sectors, to help individuals and organizations to achieve great things by fostering a sense of purpose and providing the support needed to succeed.

Prior to Nocturne Scott served as an executive with Apple Leisure Group. Before joining ALG, he served as the President of several leading luxury tour operators, including Cox and Kings, USA, Abercrombie & Kent, USA and Abercrombie & Kent Residence Club. Scott Joined Nocturne in March 2023.

Marshall Calder


Marshall is Nocturne’s “outside of the box” thinker. Innovative and fearless, Marshall is a transformative leader who made his mark in the hotel industry by building/ transforming start-ups, early-stage companies and established brands into high performing market leaders. Marshall held several executive positions with The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) including as president of its subsidiary, Prima Hotels. He founded The Leading Small Hotels of the World, a collection of 130 luxury boutique hotels. As head of worldwide marketing for LHW, he led the highly-respected company to its zenith as a global luxury brand. Marshall turned his attention to vacation rentals as head of Caribbean operations for Sonoma-based BeautifulPlaces. He partnered with Scott Simmons to form Nocturne Luxury Villas in October 2019. 

Carl Colletti


Carl is the steady hand of Nocturne. With decades of experience with public and private equity-backed companies, Carl brings precision and expertise across a broad range of disciplines, including accounting and finance, human resources, information technology and operations. As CFO of Vacation Rental Pros, Chief Accounting Officer for the $1bn V-Commerce company, Fanatics, Inc., plus years of increasingly senior positions at leading financial institutions such as Blackstone Group, Merrill Lynch, and Neuberger Berman, Carl has become a master of complex systems implementations, acquisitions, audits, financings and building productive relationships with key stakeholders. Carl joined Nocturne in April 2021.